Soothing Accessories for a Home Office

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Organization and efficiency are important in a home office. But, what’s also important is to have a soothing environment to work in. This is especially true if you work when other people are in the house. You need to be able to go into your home office and feel relaxed enough to work. Thankfully, there are a number of simple accessories you can add that will make your home office into a soothing workspace.

Water Fountains

The sound of trickling water can be extremely soothing. It can also be enough to drown out light household noise. For example, if your spouse is watching TV in another room on the other end of the house, a water fountain is just enough to give your office a soothing sound. If you work late night hours, fountains are also a wonderful way to add background noise that won’t bother other household members.

Simple Art

Art in a home office can create a soothing atmosphere. The key is to choose a piece of art that isn’t too busy. A busy piece of art can be distracting and cause daydreaming. Instead, you want a piece of art that you can look upon while you brainstorm or take a bit of a breather. Simple abstract art can be very soothing and can stir creativity in your own work.


Listening to music on your computer can often be annoying. This is especially true if you work with programs that make noises. Instead of having your music interrupted, grab your favorite CD or tune into a commercial-free satellite station. It’s important that you choose music that isn’t distracting. The most soothing music is classical. It creates a sense of calmness, but also encourages brain activity. Chances are you’ll be more productive, especially during brainstorming sessions. This is also another great way to drown out household noises.


There are several good reasons to install a fan in a home office. First of all, a fan keeps the air moving so that a home office doesn’t seem stuffy. It also helps you stay cool during the hot summer months without having to crank the air conditioner all the way up. Last, but not least, a fan adds a soothing background noise. A fan can add enough noise to drown out outside noise, but it’s also enough to keep a home from feeling creepy when you’re working late hours.

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