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Keeping an organized home office is probably one of the hardest things to maintain for owners of home businesses. It is not impossible, and once you get yourself into a habit of practicing small things keeping organized will be no problem. You can also decorate your home office without spending an arm-and-a-leg too. Here are some tips to do both of these things effortlessly.

Business Cards

Asking for business cards may not be as common nowadays as it’s been in the past with websites, but it is still a fast and easy way to gather full contact information for on-the-go home biz executives. Now that you’ve amassed a huge collection of these, try arranging them into old photo albums. This way you can place them in any order that makes sense to you, and have easy access.

Also, don’t throw out those old business cards anymore. Keep them to use as address labels for mailing packages. Just use the backs to write the address and tape.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs make great pen or pencil holders. Just remember to place them back inside after using, and discard any that are no longer working. Mugs are also a great storage place for other small office products that always seem to get lost such as paperclips, thumbnails, and anything else that can fit inside them.


Did you receive a medium-sized package recently? Don’t toss that empty box just yet. Cut the box at a ninety-degree angle in the middle. Then you can use it to store magazines to provide quality reading material for guests or yourself.

Sticky Notes

Anyone who’s worked in a busy office environment understands the usefulness of the sticky note. Here is an ingenious method of keeping them in one place that’s readily available. Run a cloth line in a place next to your workspace. This can be secured to your walls via a thumbnail. Use cloth pins to hold your sticky notes within reach and discard them when you’re done with them (the sticky notes that are).

Dishwashing Rack

In need of some extra filling space? Use an extra dishwashing rack to store your manila folders. This can be placed somewhere near your workspaces such as on top of a filing cabinet or bookcase.
Before you throw away paper clips that are no longer useful in keeping paper together consider these alternative uses:
– To help extract staples.
– To make a hook to help hang stare keys.
– To hang decorations at an office Christmas tree.
– To hold together 3 holes punched paper.
– To help open up shrink-wrapped packages.

Popcorn Tins

Old popcorn tins are also great to be used as mini trash bins.

Old Curtains

Old curtains can be used for room dividers for added privacy in your home office.


By using these ideas you can start today to improve your home office’s organization and efficiency.

Sharing is Caring ❤️



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