Maximize Home Office Interior Design & Minimize Clutter with Basket Organization 

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Functional organization in your home office can also be stylish with baskets and a little imagination – creating attractive storage that ends clutter and saves time.

A decade ago the home office was a rarity. Today, it seems that most households either have one adult that works from home or a room in the family house dedicated to the computer, printer, homework and other office tasks. The home office has become a necessity in many homes and it has become a breeding ground for clutter. To minimize disorganization and maximum décor appeal, use baskets to put it all together.

Tables Perfectly Suited for Baskets

A home office space is often a multi-purpose room that may double as a den, sitting room, or guest bedroom when it is not being used to pay the bills. This often means there is a coffee table, bench, or sofa console table installed in the room, and this is the perfect place for baskets. Choose a table or bench that has a lower shelf, such as the Lack series of tables from Ikea. The shelf can become home to a few well-chosen baskets that will store photographs, receipts, and paperback novels while bringing a homey charm to the interior design of the room. Longaberger makes a nice collection of baskets and liners for a home office.

Creating a Custom Bookshelf with Storage Baskets

Similar to the coffee table, a good place bookshelf is an ideal place for basket décor that hides hideous clutter and paperwork. Be certain to balance out the shelf space so that visually, the baskets do not overwhelm the bookcase. Choose baskets that match and complement the decorating style of the home office space.

For appeal and interest, purchase baskets that are of different sizes and color combinations. If you need a labeling system for the front of your baskets, be creative. Scrapbooking materials offer endless solutions for adorable labels and check your garden store for mini chalkboard stakes that can be slid into the front of the basket and the contents marked in chalk – too cute!

Baskets Don’t Have to be Wicker or Woven

If you have vintage or antique woven baskets, use them to create whimsy and charm in the space. However, not all baskets have to be the wicker. Nowadays, there are many alternative materials that can make a space very modern and stylish. Baskets made of woven wool and rag rug materials are wonderful as are baskets woven from colorful grosgrain ribbons. Check out craft fairs, flea markets, and local artisan shops for unique and unusual finds in basket styles and materials.

Desktops are Ideal for Basket Organizing

Even on a busy desktop, there is room for basket organization. A smaller basket could be used to hold paper clips and extra staples. An interesting flat, rectangular basket could work as an inbox for files and works in progress. Many modern baskets have lids or covers, which is a great way to conceal clutter and keep a home office looking neat, tidy, and well thought-out.

In a Home Office, Form Follows Function

Since the home office is a somewhat new concept, there is still a desire to make it pretty first and functional second. In fact, it should be the other way around – plan a home office by first determining what the space will be used for and how often. Before you purchase any large pieces of furniture, decide how you will conquer your clutter once the room is in use, and then choose desks, tables, cabinets, and bookcases that will hold the paperwork, magazines, research books, and files with style, grace, and flair.

Functional furniture in a home office means that there is room for humans to sit and do their work with plenty of space left over for well-placed baskets to tuck it all away when the work day is over.

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