Home Office Shelf – Which Should You Choose?

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Almost every career comes with its own set of reference books. From dictionaries to style guides, to medical references and legal tomes, there will always be a need for books in home offices. But how to keep the books nearby but not overwhelm your space? How can you integrate books into the look of your home office? It’s easier than you think!

No matter what your business, you can stylishly store the reference materials you need without compromising your self of style, or extra room in your home workspace. Here are some of the options:

Stand-alone bookshelf

It is classic, and a great option if you have plenty of space. You can find them in wood, metal, or glass, with rolling wheels, solid bases, or collapsible designs. Check out IKEA for just a few of the more reasonably-priced bookcases around. If you like an old-world look, visit Levenger. They have great tools for storing books (and other fun office supplies as well.)

Wall-mounted shelf

Another staple. Check out your local Home Depot-type store to see what they offer. A long, wall-mounted shelf above the desk is a solution for smaller spaces, or in a situation where you need to see your books all the time. If you reach for lots of reference books all the time, this could be a good choice for you. The books are easily accessible without taking up space on the desktop. You can dress up the shelf with wall mounting brackets in brass, aluminum, or wood to match your office decor.

Decorative shelves

If you only need a few books within reach, think about a decorative shelf. One of the coolest designs around is the Umbra invisible bookshelf. It holds about 20 pounds of books, but it looks as if they are floating on the wall. Kind of neat, especially if you’re into a modern look. Umbra also makes other decorative styles.


The most basic of book storage. If you have a big desktop and like the look of books In your work area, this is a simple and often inexpensive way to show your style and keep reference materials at hand. Bookends range from the utility metal variety to gilded Buddhas. Look around until you find some that work for you. Flea markets and art stores often have good options. If you like, you can even take vases or bottles and fill them with decorative sand or stones to weigh them. This is probably the most creative way to corral your books.

Remember that the important things to consider when choosing a book storage system are the number of books you have, how often you need to access them, and what kind of look you want for your home office. The options are endless!

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