How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress Easy and Quick

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Introduction: Why Duplicate a Page in WordPress and What are the Benefits?

Duplicating a page in WordPress is a good way to create a duplicate of the original page. The only difference between the duplicated page and the original one is that you can edit the content of the duplicated page without affecting its original counterpart.

How to Duplicate a WordPress Page Easily and Quickly

WordPress pages are easy to duplicate and create. In this article, we will show you how to duplicate a WordPress page in just a few steps.

It is easy to make a copy of any WordPress page with the use of the Duplicate feature.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress website.

Step 2: Download a plugin which is called “Post Duplicator”

Step 3: Go to Pages > All Pages >, or Posts > All Posts, find the WordPress Page that needs duplication

Step 4: Hover your mouse over the desired post/page then click on the “Duplicate” button

Step 5: You’re done, the page/post which you duplicated will appear below the original copy and will have the original post/page name + Copy.

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