How to Make an Inspiration Wall: A Way to Add Creativity and Inspiration to Work Space

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People will always find the need to personalize their space, whether it’s a home or an office. Inspiration is a great way to personalize a limited space such as a cubicle, desk, or home office.
There may be some limits to what can be done to an office cubicle or desk that isn’t in the home, but there wouldn’t be a boss in the world that doesn’t allow some personal items to be on display.
An inspiration wall can be the feature wall of a room or just a selection of photographs grouped together. It’s all up to the individual, how creative they are and in what ways they are inspired and motivated.

Showcasing Achievements and Accomplishments

The first idea that springs to mind when decorating an inspiration wall is to hand in any previous achievements such as a University diploma. These can inspire in several ways.
Firstly, achievements remind people of the great things they have accomplished in their lives and give further motivation to aspire for greater things. It can also provide memories of good times they have had, people they have been, and places they have been.

Artworks and Photographs to Inspire

Where it is simply a drawing or painting from children or a replica of a famous piece, artworks are highly inspirational. A collage of children’s art can remind even the most jaded worker why they come into work every day. Likewise, framed replicas of famous artworks can inspire painters and photographers to continue creating.
Postcards from past holiday destinations, or even for future holiday destinations keep up the motivation and also create nice memories.

Quotes, Sayings, Jokes, and Comic Strips

A writer may prefer to have inspirational quotes and sayings on their wall, but this could work for anyone else as well. Jokes and comic strips often work well in an office environment as long as they’re kept in good taste.
Be careful not to overload the wall with too many words though, it is not something that is supposed to take too long to read.

What Not to Put on an Inspiration Wall

Inspiration walls are supposed to be a place to find motivation and to center oneself in the working world. The walls are there to remind people why they come into the office each day, or why they spend so many hours working on their hobbies.
Negative images, stressful thoughts, and anything that may inspire procrastination probably isn’t a good idea either. This means that calendars or post-it notes of reminders and appointments, dates, and deadlines do not belong on the wall.
An inspiration wall is all about finding creative ways to draw inspiration and motivation, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. It doesn’t matter if it is small or large, complicated or simple, colorful or plain as long as its owner is happy with it.

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