Why Moving to My New Home Office Was a Breeze

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Moving my business from the former owners’ office to mine was not complicated since theirs was only a two-person office. All of their office equipment was upstairs with all the computers networked to one Hewlett Packard G85 Printer.

The primary things to move out were the G85 All In One printer, some office furniture, all of the business-related catalogs books, and paper files, and finally the computers. I borrowed a friend and his pickup which handled all of the equipment and files in one trip.

One of the first things I learned to do when planning a small business move is to find new offices to move into. Moving your office begins with making lists of things you need to be done before, during, and after the move.

Before the move, you should list things like calling service providers to get phone numbers moved to the new location. Get your Internet moved, cable, satellite, DSL. Take measurements of entryways and hallways so that you know if your desk will fit through halls and doors. Make a layout of new office space to best fit all of your old equipment and furniture.

Plan for and purchase in advance any new office equipment you may need at your new location. Perhaps get better filing cabinets and new shelving for your printers and routers plus inventory or brochures and business literature. Shortly before the move alerts the post office of your new address by filling out a change of address form, and having the clerk go over the form to ensure it is filled out correctly.

Prior to the move have all your services connected and tested. Having phone and Internet workers in the office on the same day of the move is difficult, so take time to have this work done ahead of the move.

On the day of the move be prepared to clean out everything in the old space and clean the walls and floors as you go so the new tenant has a clean place to start working in. Toss out anything you know will not be needed in the new location. If you can get rid of things like old dictation machines, sell them on eBay.

If you need extra hands moving furniture make sure to ask in advance so the people you need have time to plan. It is not reasonable to ask for help the day before your move. People deserve the respect of giving them notice.

After the move makes sure you alert your customers in any way you can afford. The simplest way is with your emails, do this by adding the new address and phone information at the end of your email messages using the signature feature in email setup. A newspaper ad is also an inexpensive way to alert people to the fact that you have relocated your office. When I moved my office the first thing I did was a customer mailing alerting them to the relocation, then I did a phone campaign, followed by email and fax shout as well. This paid off immediately since many of those customers were happy to hear from me, and new orders started flowing in right away.

In summary, if you plan well, and execute your office move in a logical manner, then it should go smoothly for you!

Sharing is Caring ❤️



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