Places to Put a Home Office

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With more people starting their own businesses, home offices are becoming the norm. Here are a few suggestions about where to incorporate one into your home.
Home offices are becoming a necessity in many households, but not everyone has an entire room to devote to one. But fear not. Home offices can be incorporated into several different areas of a home. When creating a home office, it’s important to keep in mind your specific needs, including storage, workspace, and proper lighting.
Here are a few things to think about when deciding where to put a home office:

Work in the Kitchen

Kitchens are often the hub of the home. It’s where people congregate morning, noon, and night. Kitchens are well suited to household management work. Try to set aside a corner that isn’t close to food preparation areas to minimize the risk of damage to computer equipment and papers.

Put an Office in the Attic

Attics can be tricky to make use of as they often have slanting walls and low ceilings. Why not turn one into a home office? The benefits include privacy and if there’s a window, a nice view. Low bookshelves are well suited to the unusual dimensions of the room.

Basements as WorkSpaces

Basements provide space, privacy, and a spot away from the hustle and bustle of the household. Basements can be dark, but purchase some good lighting, and paint with light, neutral colors and it shouldn’t be a problem. As basements can sometimes be damp, invest in a good dehumidifier to avoid any damage.

Spare Bedrooms as Home Offices

If you’ve got the room, this is the best solution. There will be plenty of room for a desk, bookshelves, and whatever else the business may need. There will be electrical outlets, easy access for phone lines and computer cables, and natural light. A spare room will also have room to accommodate a few people in case there are business partners or meetings that need to be held. It’s also a great decorating opportunity.

Work in the Family Room

Stay connected with the family by keeping the home office where the action is. It’s comfortable, but there’s little privacy. Try to set aside a corner where office materials won’t get mixed up with the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life.

Garage Offices

Garages have several pros and cons. They’re a large space and provide privacy, however, they need to be insulated and made weather-tight. Security measures will have to be made if expensive equipment is being kept inside. And of course, if cars are being kept there as well, have to be extremely cautious to don’t run over the computer!


When planning where to put a home office there are certain things that must be taken into consideration. Space, privacy, access to electrical outlets, security, and many other factors will determine the best place for a home office. Think long and hard about what the office requires as well as what will suit the rest of the home best.

Sharing is Caring ❤️

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