How to Safe-Proof Your Home Office for Children

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With Internet and technology on the rise, home offices are becoming more popular than ever. Telecommuting or operating a business from home can lead to an exciting makeover in your home.

Home offices permit the parent(s) to make a living while still with the family. If you have children no doubt they will visit your office. The same way parents child-proof other areas in their home such as their bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc. Your home office is no exception. It would also need to be safe-proof.

You can start by using a plastic container with a snap or lid. This will allow you to discard unwanted objects such as: used staples, ink pens that no longer work etc. or anything that a child could swallow or seriously hurt themselves with. Keep paper shredders out of your child’s reach and never leave them plugged in while not in use.

Another important aspect of safe-proofing your home office is to make sure that all cords, strings and wires are place behind desks and cabinets. Not only will it help your child stay safe, it will also help you. It will keep you from tripping over exposed cords. You can also use cord clips to run along a baseboard to an outlet. Make sure that all window blinds cords are out of your child’s reach. This can be very dangerous and can lead to strangulation.

You will want to cover all open outlets with outlet covers. This will keep the child from sticking objects into the outlets. Make sure to cover your computer hard drive, monitor, keyboard, fax machine and printer whenever you are done. Your computer should be secured at all times and should not be able to be pulled off of your desk or table top.

When purchasing your desk you would want to buy one that comes with a key. If you have already purchased a desk and it does not have a lock you can make sure that you place your pencils, ink pens,staplers, scissors etc. into small plastic containers with lids. It is extremely important to keep these items where your child will not be able to reach them.

You would also want to purchase a file cabinet with a key. The desk and file cabinets should be kept locked at all times. If a child smashes their finger(s) it can be very painful. Make sure that the file cabinet is secure and can not fall over onto the child. The file cabinet should have tip-resistant furniture brackets. All bookcases should be secured to the wall as well.

If you decide that you want to eat in your office, be careful not to place items where a child can pull it down. Hot coffee, soup etc can cause harm to your baby, you and your computer system.

Your floor should be kept clean at all times. There should be nothing on it that could bring harm to your child. The floor should be free of all thumb tacks, push pins etc.

It is wise to make a special area for your child to play. If you have a play pen for your child this will also provide a safe environment for them. You can provide your child with safe toys to play with, this will occupy their time.

Your home office can be a safe place where children can feel at home, while you get your work done.

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