Tips For A Writer To Set Up A Great Home Office

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More and more writers are working from home. For those that do work from home, sometimes finding a quiet spot to sit down and write can be challenging. Inspiration can be lost in the blink of an eye when you have to take the time to look through papers somewhere trying to remember where you jotted down that brilliant idea for your next project.

That is why it is crucial to a writer, especially a new writer, to have a home office. Perhaps right now your home office consists of a free spot on the couch in the evening with your laptop trying to finish a project. Maybe your home office is a small spot in the attic. A home office does not have to fit a set lay out and is usually determined by budget and personal taste more than anything else. However, most people find they are able to concentrate and get more work done if they have an actual designated area of their house to work in.

Regardless of whatever amount of space you determine that you need, there are several basic things you have to have. You will need to a computer desk, a chair to sit in, a computer or a laptop with access to the internet for research and a printer to print out your work. While some editors or agents will let you email your finished work to them, there are others that still prefer a hard copy. Make sure you have on your desk within reach pens, paper, sticky notes, and anything else you want handy.

Once you get your office established, get a calendar for keeping track of job deadlines. A calendar can also help you remember when you submitted something to an editor or agent.

Buy a filing cabinet or scan your documents and file them in your personal directory. Always keep a copy of everything you have sent out and make sure to always back up on your computer what you are working on. There is nothing like coming down to the last hour of a deadline and realizing you have somehow lost the only copy of your work.

Sharing is Caring ❤️

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