Top 5 Mug Warmers With Auto Shut Off | UPDATED 2022

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Introduction: What Is a Mug Warmer With Auto Shut Off?

A mug warmer is a device that is used to keep your coffee or tea hot. The mug warmer with auto shut off will automatically turn off after a certain amount of time has passed without any activity.

The Benefits of Mug Warmers With Auto Shut Off

Mug warmers with auto shut off are a great way to keep your coffee or tea warm for a long time.

1) Mug warmers are not limited to coffee and tea.

2) Mug warmers come in many different shapes and sizes. From small ones that you can fit on your desk at work to large ones that will keep 5 mugs full of coffee hot for hours!

3) You can set it to turn off automatically after a certain period of time.

4) It prevents the drink from spilling over the edges and burning your hands.

Which Mug Warmer With Auto Shut Off Should You Purchase?

A coffee mug warmer is a device that is used to keep the temperature of your coffee hot for longer periods of time. The price range for these devices can be very high or very low, depending on the features.

The more expensive mug warmers will often have features like programmable settings, auto shut-off, timers and temperature control.

Check the list below for our recommended mug warmers with auto shut off:

VOBAGA Mug Warmer

About this item:

Their coffee mug warmer can slow down the cooling rates of hot beverages; you can select the temperature by touching the “Power Button” to keep or warm up the liquid temperature to 149°F/65°C, 131°F/55°C, or 104°F/40°C.
This beverage warmer has an auto shut-off function after 4 hours of operation. When you turn off the coffee warmer, the red light flashes briefly to remind you that the heating plate is still hot. You can also turn it off by touching the “Power” button.
For the best results, use a thin-walled, flat, or slightly concave-bottomed mug. This coffee cup warmer is suitable for tableware such as stainless steel cups, mugs, milk boxes, and glass cups.
The coffee warmer is heat-resistant and fire-resistant due to the use of high-tech materials. The spill-proof design prevents damage and simplifies cleaning. The 60″ UL power cord is more convenient and secure than other brands. Standard UL1026 certification ensures product safety. Back with VOBAG’s 100% satisfaction service.
It’s a great gift for your lover, dad, mom, wife, husband, and all your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as on other special occasions to show you care.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Brand: VOBAGA
  • Colors: Black/Dark Blue/Sky Blue/Dark Green/Pink
  • Rated Voltage: 110-120V
  • Rated Power: 20 Watts
  • Adapter: Normal household electric outlet for North Americal
  • Cord length: 1.4 m/5.51″, UL proval
  • Weight about: 0.66 lb
  • Package: 1 x mug warmer plate, 1 x user manual

[i2pc][i2pros]Available in multiple colors
Available in multiple sizes
Has automatic shut off
Suitable for different cups
Comes with manual
Warranty information is not written

Safe2m Mug Warmer

About this item

A temperature control chipset module keeps your beverage at 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (40 to 50 degrees Celsius) or 122 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (50 to 60 degrees Celsius). During the winter, hot drinks like coffee, tea, and milk are available at all times.
A gravity switch eliminates the need to manually turn off the mug warmer. When removed from its base, this device no longer warms the cup. This coffee cup warmer may be set to turn off after 1 to 12 hours. If left on for more than 8 hours, the coffee warmer will switch off.
The small design keeps your drinks warm.
Consider gifting this cup warmer as a nice gift for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
A beautiful method to demonstrate your love and concern for your loved one.
All flat dinnerware, stainless steel cups, mugs, milk boxes and glass cups can be heated on the cup heating plate. Warmth is best achieved using a thin-walled, flat-bottomed mug.
The coffee warmer is built of heat and fire-resistant materials. The coffee mug warmer’s reinforced glass is waterproof and easy to clean. Water on the cup warmer causes no electric shock. Silent and eco-friendly at only 18 watts.


Brand: Safe2m
Color: Black
Material: Stainless Steel
Item Weight: 7.4 ounces

[i2pc][i2pros]Has built-in temperature control chipset module
Has timing shut-off
Suitable for most cups
Easy to clean
There is no risk of electric shock if you inadvertently spill water on the cup warmer[/i2pros][i2cons]Available in one color
Available in one size
Warranty information is not written

BrightMiracle Coffee Mug Warmer, Smart Timing Function

About this item:

The coffee warmer has two temperature settings: 104°F-122°F (40-50°C) and 122°F-140°F (50-60°C). You may adjust the temperature by pressing the power button. At any time of the year, you can have a cup of hot coffee, tea, milk, or any other beverage.
Using the timing button, you may set the timer for 1 to 12 hours, and it will automatically shut off after that period. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to put the coffee in the mug because the coffee warmer will shut off after 8 hours.
Exquisite and lightweight design. Coffee, milk, and water all stay at the perfect temperature in a cup warmer. It’s a thoughtful present for any special occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other time of year.
A thermally conductive layer of glass is covered by a layer of sealed insulation technology in a smart coffee mug warmer. High waterproof performance, minimal chance of electric shock if you drop water on the cup warmer, and easy cleaning is just a few of its advantages.
Glass, ceramic, metal, and high-temperature plastic mugs can all be used with the Coffee Mug Warmer. Tips: For best results, use thin-walled, flat-bottomed cups.


  • Item Weight: 7 ounces
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Product weight: 0.35 lb
  • Special feature: Noise-free

[i2pc][i2pros]Auto shut off feature
Product weight: 0.35 lb
[/i2pros][i2cons]Available in one color
Available in one size
Warranty information is not written

Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer

About this item:

Warmer for 131°F/55°C beverage temperature is designed to keep your beverage hot. Hot chocolate, tea, and other liquids can all be warmed in this 19-watt coffee warmer without burning through the precious substance.
The cup warmer can be used with a variety of materials, including metal, enamel, ceramic, and glass. The greatest mug for holding heat is one with a flat bottom and a thin wall. Gravity induction switches are activated when a cup weighs more than one pound sixteen ounces.
It has a gravity induction switch with an indication light built in. It doesn’t need to be manually turned on or off.
When the cup warmer is working, you’ll see the Indicator light turn on. For those nights when you don’t want to switch on the lights.
The coffee warmer is designed with human nature in mind and ensures that your beverages are always at the perfect serving temperature. You can give it as a Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s gift to your loved ones, friends, or family members.


  • Material: Glass
  • Brand: Dimux
  • Voltage: 110 Volts (AC)
  • Wattage: 19 watts
  • Item Weight: 9.8 ounces

[i2pc][i2pros]Available in 5 colors
Suitable for metal, enamel, ceramic, glassware, etc…
Safety: the weight has to be over 1lbs
Night indicator
Auto on/off function
Waterproof design
Available in one size
Warranty information is not written

MiKoSoRu Mug Warmer

About this item:

Coffee mug warmer with three temperature control levels that keeps your drinks and beverages warm at all times and heats up to 176°F at its highest setting. If you forget to turn off the smart candle warmer plate, it will shut down after 4 hours.
Tea warmer for desk is made of high quality waterproof glass that is easy to clean on the mug warmer plate. The coffee cup warmer has a delicate and beautiful design, is light in weight, and is easy to transport anywhere.
The coffee warmer fits mugs of various sizes and is suitable for ceramic, glass, or stainless steel cups.
When working at the office table, watching TV at home, or reading a book, use the coffee heating coaster to keep your tea/coffee/milk/cocoa warmer. It is a wonderful idea to give the coffee warmer as a gift to express your love during holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s, Father’s, Teacher’s Days, or on their birthdays.
Purchase with confidence, as it comes with a 12-month warranty and a 60-day return and refund policy. Please contact our customer service if you require assistance. A cup warmer for the desk with a US plug and a user manual are included in the package.


  • Brand: MiKoSoRu
  • Color: Green&black or white
  • Power: 50W
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Material: Stainless steel, waterproof glass
  • Temperature: 122℉/149℉/176℉
  • Item Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Batteries Required? No

[i2pc][i2pros]Easy to operate
Auto shut off feature
Safe material
Perfectly fit mugs of different sizes
Item weight: 1.39 pounds
12 months warranty
60 days return & refund services
Comes with user manual
Available in one size

Conclusion: The Importance of Mug Warmer With Auto Shut Off

The conclusion is that you should invest in a mug warmer with auto shut-off so that it can help you enjoy your coffee or tea easier.

A mug warmer with auto-shutoff is an excellent gadget for someone who loves to drink hot beverages, especially on cold winter days. It will help the person have more time to spend on other things rather than waiting for their beverage to be done.

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